5 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Projects Your Kids Can Help Out With

5 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Projects Your Kids Can Help Out With

If you want to have the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape, then you are at the right place. A person can search all the stores he wants to but nothing can be as good as the stuff you make it yourself because there is a pinch of personal innovation in it.

Letting your kids involve with you in DIY projects can be an amazing way to strengthen your relationships. This article will guide you through some easy and creative DIY Thanksgiving table décor projects that you can task your kids with. Check them out below and you will definitely find some interesting.

Coloring place mat

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You don’t want the day to remain incomplete. Celebrate it with thankfulness but sometimes words are not enough. Your kids can do it by making a DIY place mat. Just tape a long colorful envelope onto a rectangular piece of kraft paper. Attach it to a tablecloth. The envelope will allow your child to keep the pencils in check during dinner and simultaneously your kids can get more creative on the Thanksgiving table.

Popcorn pouches

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There is one thing for sure with children. They are always in mood of a desert. With this unique presentation, you can add more festivity to the last course of your day. Just create pouches with patterned colorful papers and set them on the table with sweets. Your kids would love getting surprised after opening them to find out what is insider. Maybe a delicious, crunchy sweet treat.

Beaded napkin rings

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Beaded napkin rings are a sure DIY décor project that your kids can help out with. You don’t want the napkins to roll out. Get a number of beads and attach them in a string. You can turn something as simple as plain napkins into colorful and creative by this DIY project.

Autumn leaf necklace

Help your kids get in touch with the nature this Thanksgiving by permitting them to craft their own holiday accessory. You simply need to use leaves and supplies that you probably have it at home. Kids can get more creative with this idea. All you will need is a colorful string cut into segments, fall leaves and a hole punch. Holes are needed to be punched in the leaves and let your kids incorporate their creativity using just a string on cleared-off table.

Table adornment with textures

This is probably the easiest and simplest DIY projects your children can help you with. You want your Thanksgiving table to be decorated. Adorn it with geometric shapes, muted colors and textures. This has a massive room for innovation. Bring in your creative ideas and make the table look colorful and vibrant.


These were just few projects. You can refer to your own imagination for DIY projects. There is a lot of creative things one can do. Don’t limit your thoughts and continue to seek inspiration. You can refer to the Internet as well.

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