ideas for backyard grills

Ideas to Upgrade your Backyard Cooking Space

Preparing your backyard for feasting and entertaining

People from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds enjoy the experience of cooking in the outdoors.  Traditional outdoor cooking is enjoyed around an open fire, but these days there are plenty of ideas to make things more interesting.

Review these simple DIY ideas to enhance your outdoor cooking area by creating a grill or an installing an outdoor cooking space.

The traditional smoker

Nothing can beat the appearance of a stone lined outdoor smoker.  There is a unique taste and feel you get with a smoker.  Added to this factor is the smokiness that creeps into the cooking as well, the combination are simply earthy to feel.

stone smoker box

It could be that people are presented a certain old world charm that stresses the type of cooking experiences that the founding fathers could bring to an outdoor area.  Slow cooking barbecues are ideal for this sort of a setting and it serves as a great gathering space as well.

The wood fired oven

No doubt, a wood fired oven creates a setting designed for fun. It is also functional as you can use it for most all baking purposes; including making yummy pizza!  The sheer simplicity of design as well as the very practical approach that introduces the heat in a gradual manner as compared to a cooking range that typically requires the use of the kitchen, the wood fired oven can be just right for an outdoor weekend bake.

modern oven

Most families would relish the taste and difference that home baked bread brings to the palette. Additionally, you can expect to get that texture and taste that only a wood fired oven can bring.  This is a project which will pay you off for many years to come. With so many ideas online, you’re sure to find the a DIY oven that meets your skill level and budget.

The tandoor

Indian food, or more specifically, Indian style bread is currently more mainstream now than ever before.  The universal appeal of food and its ability to attract different types of people at any given time has ensured that a tandoor is no longer considered “strange”.  A tandoor is a prefect upgrade to your outdoor cooking area.

backyard oven
Building a tandoor oven is just as much fun as using one!

The most important part to a tandoor is the clay lining,  it must be done just right to seal in the fire and heat.  There are some simple yet workable designs in any DIY board and it would be an activity that the whole family can try contributing in some manner or the other.  Cooking creates a union of cultures that few other activities have to offer. Installing and cooking with a tandoor takes the art  of cooking to a whole new level.

The grill cart

Rather a very colorful name for something that is stationary for the better part of the working of the grill, the cart is simple enough in design to fit into the most economical of spaces. Nothing fancy here, just a small awning to provide some shade and protection from possible rain; plus it provides a practical way to hold a light for those night time grills.

It is possible to do a grill cart in different presentations.  Most DIY manuals do provide the builder the necessary flexibility to make alterations and changes to the basic structure to add variety to the cart.  If in case an added mobility is so required, then it can also be incorporated into the very structure.  Either way the typical cart is not that heavy as to prevent most people from moving it around otherwise.

The bar option

Who wouldn’t enjoy the addition of a bar to your backyard oasis? Enjoy an occasional tipple and it would be just right to take the occasion to share great conversions. This is where a good and well designed outdoor bar comes to play.  With a number of options that include the bar top as well as the drop down variety, there really is no lack of options and design features.  This means you can create the perfiect bar that meets your unique tastes.

bar build ideas

It might seem a luxury to fit in a small refrigerator into an outdoor cooking area.  But with the different options on hand in each situation, the option is not that far-fetched.  Most people would welcome a cool drink, night or day, without the need to to go inside.

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