modern desert landscape of az

Best Trees for Desert Landscapes

Designing desert landscapes specific and desert trees in your desert landscaping will bring out its beauty. Choosing what trees to plant in your mind with which to create that awe-inspiring design! Compared to other desert plants that are not as tall which makes trees the center piece of any grand desert landscape design.

Why desert trees?

Desert trees flourish in places with hot temperatures and very little rainfall year round. As an Arizona native, I am always taken when a client asks us to design a landscape with trees that are not native to our area. It’s always the same: “I’ll be sure to water it and care for it just as if I was back east”. It just doesn’t work. We have many options when it comes to what type of trees, shrubs, or cacti we will work into our desert landscapes in areas like Arizona; it’s not like we can only select from one type of native cacti.

Backyard Landscape in Queen Creek by EV Land

Native desert trees offer a wide range of shapes and sizes compared to temperate trees that make their variety a great addition to a dry desert space. Many people think of desert trees as cacti with no shade whatsoever. But nothing could be further from the truth. Desert landscapes are dynamic. …