Cleaning a Garage Floor with a Pressure Washer

Cleaning a Garage Floor with a Pressure Washer

The flooring of most garages is either concrete or asphalt, which can become covered in oil, grease and grime over time. Getting rid of this dirt using just a mop and bucket can be quite a lengthy process due to the thickness of it and so on.

The thought of scrubbing your garage is the one thought that your mind can never bare but luckily enough there is pressure washers. A tool that makes that thought bearable. Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning all types garages floors and giving a thorough clean.

Although pressure washers make this process easy it’s important to learn the right way to go about it. There is an adage that says information is power and with the right information using your pressure washer on your garage becomes a fulfilling experience. Here are a few steps that you can follow when using your pressure washer.

Steps To Follow When Washing Your Garage Floor

Looking out for yourself is the first most important step during this process. You'll want to wear appropriate clothing when operating a pressure washer. It’s advisable that you put on boots with enough rubber so protect you from sliding and falling during the process. Try to put on long sleeved coat and pants that cover your legs as well as eye protection.

The next thing to do is to protect the floor and any other surrounding objects in the garage. This objects could include the windows, cars, gardening equipment, etc. with a tarp or even some plastic sheeting. You wouldn’t want to damage anything or spray anything into areas you don't want it.

Before you start it’s important to make sure your tool is working properly. Go over the equipment thoroughly and check for any signs of damage before use. Always follow manufacturer's instructions when using a pressure washer, particularly regarding how long you should run it for and how much water pressure should be used.

The Actual Cleaning Process

When it comes time to clean your garage floor, you will first want to sweep the grime and dirt down towards the floor drain. Use a broom handle or a metal pole to knock dried leaves loose from the surface.

The first step is to get the area wet. A pressure washer can do that very efficiently and effectively. After getting the surface wet, turn on your pressure washer and adjust it according to the need of your situation .Use a wide angle nozzle if cleaning a large surface la area and use a more focused nozzle if working on surfaces closer to you.

Once you have adjusted your pressure washer, start cleaning with short bursts of water. Power wash your floor starting from the center of the floor outward in straight lines then follow up by rinsing so that your garage floor gets cleaned properly. If an area has collected a substantial amount of oil, you may need to power wash that area more than once in order to completely eliminate the oil stains.

With the right procedure and the right pressure washer you will easily get the job well done. To learn more visit Giraffe and buy a good pressure washer.