Things to Avoid While Using 18-Inch K-Tip Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid While Using 18-Inch K-Tip Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions is an outstanding method of increasing length, volume, and a variety of styles for your hair. From the various types available, 18-inch K-tip hair extensions are very popular to achieve a natural look and they are also very easy to use. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that these extensions need to be properly maintained so that they stay looking great and your natural hair remains undamaged. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your 18 inch hair extensions:

Stay Clear from Overheating

Even though it's quite fascinating to style your hair extensions with heat tools all the time, heat application in excess can harm not only your hair extensions but also your natural hair. The heat of high temperatures may become a factor that causes the K-tip extensions to weaken and eventually fall off or break. Whenever you can choose heat-free styling methods, but if you have to use heat products always apply a heat protectant spray first and use the temperature moderate.

Avoid Over-Washing

One of the ways you bring the loss of natural oils in your extensions is by over-washing them, which will make them dry and tangled. You should never wash your 18-inch K-tip extensions more than twice a week, and you should get the best possible sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that are designed for extensions. While washing, do it as gently as possible, or don't throw or pull the loops.

Drying Your Hair Before Bed

The presence of your hair either natural or wetted can in turn make it to be extremely tangled and matted. Don't forget to dry your hair extensions before sleeping to keep them from getting tangled during the night. As you braid your hair or put it up in a loose ponytail, this helps to reduce friction. Thus, these ties continue to bind as they have always done.

Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water

The swimming pools or the ocean with saltwater can cause harm to the natural hair and the extensions. Chlorine is prone to bond fracture and alter the color of the extension, while salt is prone to the extensions dry and entangled. Extensions might be an issue if you swim with them. So, you better use a swim cap and rinse your hair with fresh water following a swim.

Go for Soft Brushes

Firstly, brushing the hair extensions is a vital thing since you are preventing the tangling of the hair, but you should do it lightly to avoid damaging your extensions. Make sure you don’t brush them roughly or pull at the roots, as this may result in the glue being loosened or broken. Begin at the ends using a soft bristle brush or a loop brush that's meant for extensions and work the hair up toward the roots in small sections.


Through this process, you can be sure that your 18-inch K-tip hair extensions will retain their appeal for years to come. By paying attention to proper care, you will be able to have healthy, beautiful hair that complements your character and self-esteem.