What Are The Types of Pressure Washer Pumps

What Are The Types of Pressure Washer Pumps

High Pressure washers do a lot of things to help your cleaning processes easily. You can use these pressure washers to clean areas around your home that require soft cleaning processes. These pressure washers can also work perfectly when you need to clean tougher surfaces like your walkway or driveway. However, the pressure washer can work because of the pressure it produces. This pressure doesn't come by magic; it comes through the working process of a pressure washer pump. Without a pressure washer pump, there'll be no means to add pressure to the water.

When you turn on your pressure washer, the water coming from the source gets pumped, and its pressure increases. It is with this pressure that the pressure washer manages to work perfectly. Without technical experience, it's normal to assume that pressure washers have the same pump type, with different capacities. This is, however, incorrect as there are three main types of pressure washer pumps. Each of the types has its working processes, features, advantages, and of course, disadvantages. This guide is a detailed explanation of each of the pressure washer pump types. Here, we'll describe each pressure washer pump, highlighting details about their advantages and disadvantages.

Wobble pump

A wobble pump is probably the most common type of pump you'll find in most cases. This pump type is popular first because it is the most affordable option and also because it is an effective option. To function, this pump uses a wobble plate that connects to the driveshaft to ensure the pistons are oscillating. The pump has an efficiency of around 70%. The pump can last for up to 300 hours if you're using it optimally. Although it may have the lowest frequency amongst all pump types, it still has some advantages.

Pros of wobble pump

  • These pumps can run without water.
  • This pump produces large pressure.
  • Affordable option.

Cons of wobble pumps

  • These pumps have low efficiency.
  • No hope of repair.

Triplex pump

A triplex pump is the pump type made for the commercial pump types. When you see this pump for the first time, you may liken it to a car engine because they look alike. This pump produces one of the highest pressure possible. It has a connecting rod, crankshaft and other components that make it look like a car's engine. There are many advantages and few disadvantages of the triplex pump

Pros of Triplex pump

  • Recent technology used for its design.
  • Last long.
  • No need for consistent maintenance
  • Easy repair
  • Efficient

Cons of Triplex pump

  • Costly

Axial pump

The Axial pump, popularly known as the Axial cam pump, is another pump type you can use. These pumps are more versatile than the wobble pump but not as good as the triplex pump. The pump works with a swashplate, which people now refer to as a swashplate pump. The pump does have some advantages apart from being better than the wobble pump.

Pros of Axial pump

  • It primes itself
  • It has a lightweight
  • It lasts long
  • More control and flexibility

Cons of Axial pump

  • The pump causes vibration
  • It can cause overheating over long periods.